Wednesday, 24 February 2010

And 50!

I've finally hit the 50 ships target, hoorah! I sat down for an hour today and worked out the last 6 losses with respective kills, then started adding up totals. here's what I've got:

Total ISK spent on this is around 620mil. Not too shabby considering most of my ships were Frigates. I've made a nice graph here with the vitals though...

Now I've only actually used 9 ships during this time, mainly the Rifter and the Punisher. It's fairly obvious to see that I've put all my skillpoints into Minmatar/Amarr frigs. The bar height is the amount of kills, the orange bar inside is the amount of losses, and the yellow line is the Kill:Death ratio for each ship.

Noticeably the Wolf is higher than the rest, I only had 1 of those and managed to get on 28 killmails, solo and gang, and there is a slight rise with the Thrashers, as I only had 3 of them and managed to get quite a few kills before they popped.

What I've learned:
  • Punishers are by far the best Frigate if fit properly.
  • Rifters are alot of fun.
  • Wolves are more fun than Rifters.
  • Stiletto's are made of paper, that's been in the rain for a week, then dried out using sandpaper towels.
  • Patience is a virtue, and learning it would have stopped me losing a few ships to station/gate guns.
  • Any T1 frigate is fair game, age only counts a little as there's only a limited amount of things a player can do in a T1 frig, and my skills are good enough to compete.
  • Ruptures hurt.
  • Cheap and cheerful is good, but more expensive hulls enables more choice(Wolf again)
  • Remote Rep Frigate gangs are a lot of fun, and very good at killing big ships.
Well I'll do another proper update soon, I'm going to go celebrate the end of the "50 losses" by trying to lose this Retribution.

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.


  1. Congrats :) Being gallante i dont use any of those LOL, though my alt is amarr/punisher so i know their pretty wicked ships, though havent solo'd with him yet as hes more industrial than pvp

  2. Haha, seriously, train up to fit a massive buffer fit on it and fly it like a brick with guns... t1 ranged can't do enough damage, t1 close up run out of cap, and then can't do enough damage... it's amazing :D

    Check out my buffer fit loss-mails to see what i'm on about :P

    - Noir Avlaa.