Sunday, 13 December 2009


I've hit 100 kills in EVE now! Hurrah! About a day after Kirith Darkblade hit his 100 as well! Here's the lucky guy who gave me the 100th kill, thanks!

In other news, Alexia Morgan has started the Open University of Celestial Hardship, or OUCH for short. I went on about this in my last blog post, and now that it's up i've added my help and will do so when possible. Read up on it, help out, it's a worthy undertaking and by no means will it be easy for Alexia. So good luck!

So recently I've been killing a lot more than I've been losing. The last loss on the board was a Rifter with 16 kills under it's name, now I'm flying a wolf with another 17 so far, but you won't notice that on the kill:death ratio as I only update it when I lose a ship. I've got a lot more kills now and I've got the Tuskers to thank for it. I did a bit of fleet warfare before but never like in a pirate corp, and it's a lot of fun in here doing fleets. This is definitely the move I should have made a long time ago because it's definitely worth it.

So far I've earned a nice ransom of a POS thanks to another blogger Cyberin, over at Hands Off, My Loots, who joined the Tuskers recently as well. I've been in a fleet with 00sage00, and I've helped kill Spectre3353 who kept coming back for funsies! I'm at 34 kills so far this week, and I'm loving every minute of it.

So until I lose my 20th ship...

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.


  1. Nice one Noir. The bloggers of EvE unite in the Tuskers. Nice FC work last night

  2. Sadly I'm no longer their to fly with you guys...but was fun for the few days it lasted...Ninja at heart I guess.

  3. Haha - Turns out Max Hatter was right then! :P Was fun flying with you though dude, the POS ransom was hilarious :D

    I'll remember to pew pew you up some if I see you in space though ;) Good Luck ninja'ing again :)

    - Noir Avlaa.

  4. /queue late reply

    Yes, please do pew pew me if you see me around :D

    Might try and get some ninjas to go on lowsec roams with me sometime...i'll make a point to stop by Hev if we do :)