Tuesday, 29 December 2009

And... 20!

I've held off posting until I had 20 deaths on the clock. And now I have them! At the moment i'm at 100 kills to 20 deaths, so a 5:1 kill:death ratio, which isn't too bad I don't think. The Tuskers have had a massive contributing effect to my kills with my wolf getting 28 kills to it's name before finally popping. So then...


- Affording a Wolf, then losing it. These ships are loads of fun, and definately worth the expense. Next time I can afford to fit one i'm getting another.

- Flying a Thrasher. Even though I only got a few kills before losing both of these, they had no tank at all and full gank. So when they did get targetted, they pretty much died. But still loads of fun to fly, might try a gank coercer next.

- Fleet fights with the Tuskers. Alot of these fights are basically just jump in and hope, which suits me perfectly. I've lost a couple of ships from baits or "blobs" going wrong and having another fleet land on top of us, but we always took a couple of them with us.

- Watching Ka Jolo get primaried, just because it's Ka Jolo. They even brought a Thanatos to make sure he died.

- Commanding a Fleet for the first time. I've never FC'ed before being in The Tuskers, and now i've done it twice. It's a good experience getting a kill as an FC, though i've got a few people sent to their deaths, but it's a learning curve and there's only 1 way to learn.


Alexia Morgan has started her Open University for Celestial Hardship (OUCH) and has quite a few members learning the ways of null-sec now. But she needs teachers! Check out the following recruitment posts and see if you can help out! Recruitment for students has been put on hold until January because there's not enough teachers to meet the demand!

Tuskers Bloggers

Turns out there's a few people in The Tuskers who blog. Go check them out:-

Also there's The Tuskers Public Relations blog with posts from a few Tuskers.

I'll do a proper post at some point. Possibly in the new year, who knows? Until then...

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for the plug! That's awesome, and totally unexpected. I really appreciate it.

    *gives you a big hug*

    Recruitment has begun again. I made a decision and resigned from OUCH's leadership position and handed it over to my original character, Black Claw. His skills with corp management have allowed another 12 members to be recruited today alone, and we're looking forward to a very fruitful 2010.

    Thanks again!