Saturday, 16 January 2010

The past few weeks from Christmas have been busy for me, but i'm throwing up a large update now.
If you're following the "50 Deaths" i'm now at 31 (I would've posted at 30, but 31st happened straight after the 30th). The last 3 deaths were pretty annoyin
g with only 1 kill between all of them. But such is the way.

The first of the 3 was the Omen. I'd left this back in Aldali when I made the move to join The Tuskers, and finally got round to bringing it to Hevrice, thi
s meant 23 jumps through high-sec in a pod followed by 40 jumps through low-sec in the Omen. To lose it not long after I got back. To a Hurricane that we were trying to catch. I landed on it in a belt, but I was fitted with a disruptor and it quickly got out of range then killed me in 3 volleys while I was aligning to get out.
Next up was the Punisher, it was set up to tank, with 10
k EHP and 61DPS, neut, scram and web. This thing would kill close range frigates without too much hassle. But i've been a bit broke lately, so I took it missioning with the local NPC corporation and got caught in a faction warfare blob when I was returning to Hevrice on my way back, and then podded. It lasted a good amount of time considering how many people shot me, but it was still lost.
Then the Rifter, I was back in station, with no clone and a nearly fitted rifter. I bought the last 3 modules to finish fitting it, took it 2 jumps away to buy a new clone, and then lost it to another gatecamp on the way back. Which meant I then had no money or ship. Which was fun.

Now i'm back in a Punisher funded by my friend Comrade Bliss who loaned me 10mil to get a properly fitted one, and i'm doing missions again to get some sort of cash flow. Not long until I get access to the Level 2 agents in the area, and there's about 10 of them which is good. But it's ruining my sec status, which is annoying me no end...

I figured i'd throw up my skills chart and start doing this every now and then to see where my progress is going, a couple of other bloggers do this and it's interesting to see where skills are going and which sections are left neglected. So here's mine, at around 8.2mil SP:

I've got around 2mil SP each in Spaceship Command and Gunnery. I can fly all 4 race's Frigates, Minmatar and Amarr Assault Frigs, Amarr Cruisers and Battlecruisers, And all 4 race's Destroyers at the moment. And most of my Gunnery skills are in Autocannons, with lasers not far behind. Right now i'm getting my armour compensation skills up, then i'm going to finish up small lasers and start working on Drones and Cruiser skills. My Frigate skills are pretty much complete, and any more time after what i've got planned will just be a long wait for not much more extra bonus, so learning how to fly bigger ships properly is a much higher priority.

In other news i'm nearly at 200 kills total, and in my "50 deaths" i'm up to 141:31 Kill:Death. At 20 deaths I was at 5:1 kill:death ratio, and that's gone down slightly lately, hopefully it'll go back up soon.
Also - check out these wallpapers - they're made by a russian in Goonswarm, i've currently got the Avatar Mushrooms as my background. Here's the link to their blog, I constantly get issues connecting to it, which is why I linked somewhere else that has them.

And here is cool video showing how big the ships in EVE would actually be in real life. It's run in the Half-Life Garrys mod, so it uses Half-Life models for scale, but don't treat it as a comparison between EVE and another game, just think of the NPC model used as 6 foot tall(2 meters) and you'll get an idea of how big the ships are.

That's all for now, so until next post, Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.


  1. Finding it really interesting looking at our comparative skill breakdowns, I think over time it will become more so if you plan to keep posting them :)

    Gutted about the ship losses mate.

  2. Haha, I was quite gutted. Called it a night on the spot, annoyedquit ftw.

    I reckon you're a good candidate to compare against really, been around roughly the same amount of time, got roughly the same amount of SP... might start stealing your pie charts when you post them and comparing them on here hehe :D

    - Noir Avlaa

  3. That's cool with me, for some reason I always thought Noir was older than Kirith. Will be an interesting comparison!