Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Busy busy.

It's been busy for me lately, I'm meant to be moving at some point, I've taken time off work for it and it's lucky I did, looks like I'm getting the keys 2 days late. Sigh. Oh well.
I've been at my mates quite a bit over the weekend aswell generally geeking it up. Went round and played alot of Magic: The Gathering, I've got an evil white deck that seems to work against most other decks at the moment, slowly changing it over time... We also got some Arkham Horror, Game of Thrones, Memoir 44 and of course EVE Conquests, where minmatar beat my amarr pretty quickly :/
Mainly due to the fact that I'd made a mistake early in the game and it cost me for the rest of it, ah well, live and learn.

In EVE though I'm trying to hit the -10 security status, which is taking longer than I thought it would. Currently I'm around -8.4 which is not bad considering I'm 3 months old and only using t1 frigates I reckon, could get it done faster probably but I'm still quite happy. I've now got 12 punishers sitting in my hangar full fitted for me to burn through and I'm training for rifters as I've heard that's where all the fun is.

That's it for now, not a major update, just something for now, if I'm moving I dunno how long it'll be until the next update, I can do them on my phone (like this one) but without EVE that's pretty pointless :p

Fly Safe.
- Noir Avlaa.


  1. Wow...magic the gathering? seriously, people still play that? I've got a good 3K or so cards sitting in storage somewhere...

  2. Haha yeah, me and a few mates play on weekends sometimes and on Wednesdays after work :) I use an exhalted White deck atm hehe. We play alot of board games aswell, EVE Conquests, arkham horror, game of thrones etc. Sorry about the late reply :p still not got my pc set up :s