Monday, 24 August 2009

The hard way.

The past few days have been, as the title says, the hard way. Quick catch up, my old Corp joined sylph, I quit and founded Magpie Enterprises, I'm still based in Aldali and Jeni and I'm roaming around the region avoiding gangs and traps and killing anything else I can.

So I was waiting for my 24 hour wait period to finish so I could quit Corp, I had maybe 3 hours left while I was sitting in aldali, I didn't want to roam while in Corp as sylph alliance is on a nrds policy and I didn't want to mess anything up for the Corp. So what to do? Could spend some time on my mining character, but mining is boring for me and I can only stand it in 30 minute chunks.

Hey I know! I've heard other of bloggers playing eve online hold'em, why not try it? Asides from the fact I know nothin about poker, and that I'll probably lose alot of isk to it, and I'll be playing mainly against people who know what they're doing. But hey, lets go for it. 10 minutes and 60mil worth of chips later I'm playing in the newbie room, I spend an hour there and make as much as I lose, iv got the rules down and it's quite fun. But now I'm not playing anyone, hmm, lets raise the stakes and join a higher priced 6 player game.

Needless to say I ended up 30mil down a few hours later. 1 last try before I jump back into my punisher. New game, 10mil buyin, lets play this cash out. I lose a few hands down to around 5mil then get an ace queen in my hand. Pay enough to see the flop, ace queen in flop! It goes down to me and 1 other, I go all in with him and end up around 12mil in chips. Not bad.

Next hand, a pair of 3s, not too shabby. Nothing in the flop for me, I bet anyway. 5 mil in with nothing on the 4th card, the stakes go so I have to go all in to stay in. Go for it. Last card goes down, it's a 3! Inwent from around 12mil to 45mil instantly! 65mil total wiry of chips, I'm up from where I started!

Needless to say, I got cocky, I've now lost all 60 mil. I'll go again when I get enough from ransoms to top me up... Speaking of ransoms..

I logged in and spent around 1 and a half hours solo roaming. I found a courcer rafting but it jumped out before I got it within scram range. I decided to end the roam and head home, mustn't be my day for it, when low and behold a bestower and a coercer appear on scan in my home system of Aldali. I check them out and they're both on 3 day old characters mining in a belt.

Well they are in my home turf, warp in. I land 10km from the bestower as the coercer warps out. Lock, scrammed and I start shooting. I get him nearly to hull and stop shooting, open a convosation with the pilot and state simply "1 mil and you can leave with your ship", he asks me to stop, which as he's new is understandable, I repeat the ransom again and wait 10 seconds, when his friend returns. Sigh. Killing newbies isn't big or clever, but he should have accepted the ransom.

The coercer isn't a threat to me at all, who can fit one properly at 3 days? I wait until it targets me before I move, he might not shoot me, who knows. Nope, he shot me. I state simply in he chat I had going "your friend's actions have just killed you both". Sure enough, 2 minutes later they were both corpses in my cargo hold.

Guess they learned the hard way. Maybe I should add to my Corp info or my bio I honor ransoms in case it'll help matters. Oh well. Nearly at -8 sec now.

Fly Safe.
- Noir Avlaa.

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