Saturday, 15 August 2009

My punisher.

Thought i'd show my punisher a bit of airtime, loving this ship so far, I know it's not the best t1 frigate to PVP in but it's definately up there. At some point i'm going to train up skills so I can use a Rifter properly, but that's in the distance for now.

So here's one of my lovely Punishers, this one's fresh as i've just lost the last one in the war against a Crusader, apparently I gave him a fright when I shot back at him instead of panicking and dying easily, still died but I liked the shock I gave him when I ate up his shield. And he still got the pod kill on me, which is a shame but I knew I was going to get podded at some point, better to get it over and done with while my implants aren't rediculously expensive.

I've just got to try and get 1 kill out of this machine before it showers my screen with stardust and leaves a nice smear on the nearest space station. Hopefully that won't happen but hope doesn't win fights ;)

So far on my fittings i've still got a few skills to train up before it's done properly, but they've been good to me so far, and still a helluva lot of fun to fly, so who cares what's on it? This is what I have so far:-

Nothing spectacular, still need to replace the guns with t2s and the inertial stab with an EANM II, but as I said, it's still alot of fun, and still feels great popping someone in it, even if it's not that often ;)

-Noir Avlaa.

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