Saturday, 15 August 2009

PC vs GH3Y day 2

Well it's been a fun, full day for us lot. I'll start off where I left off last time, I logged on just after downtime and went through the usual checks. Checked my mailbox, read updates within the corp, greeted the various channels i'm in and checked local. Turns out when I got podded I'd left my clone in a station where I first tried roaming, 27 jumps away, with no backup nearby and my jump clone with 12 hours remaining.

I though "How bad can it be, I must've left something lying around here I can use" so I checked my assets, and low and behold I still had one of my first fully fitted Inquisitors 1 jump away in the next station, splendid. I redid my clone, bought a shuttle and set off, buying new implants along the 27 jumps back to the home system, cursing myself at every jump for not relocating my clone when I moved.

The trip back was pretty uneventful, no war targets in sight, no normal targets in sight, and not much else besides. It just took a bit of time I hadn't planned on, and I knew it was my own fault. But I digress.

So I finally hit the home turf with a few corp mates in the station, I warp to station and ask to dock, which is promptly granted, chat with the corp for a bit, fit a new punisher, help a few others fit their ship and undock. We were on orders to stay by the station in case of war targets who were camping the other side of a gate leading out from our home. We weren't going to pursue them on their side, so wait we did, when suddenly we had 4 targets just 10km from us.

All we had out at the time was a Myrmidon and my Punisher, no match for what we saw. A quick glance told us all we needed to know to dock up and sort a fleet out. We now had 4 Battleships outside the station waiting, a Scorpion, Armageddon, Megathron and Apocolypse. It was a bit frantic for us from that point, we threw together a fleet. "ECM AND DAMAGE" was broadcast accross the corporation "PRIMARY IS THE SCORPION, PRIMARY, SCORPION". Within 10 minutes we had a 12 man fleet, with a Dreadnought, Carrier, A few Capitol ships, with the remaining in Battleships, Battlecruisers and a Stealth Bomber who was outside waiting from a distance, feeding us information. We sorted out the undocking order, and piled out of the hangar bay doors in quick succession. What followed was quite simply the easiest kill i've had so far.

The Scorpion was targetted and scrammed, jammed and webbed within seconds, we quickly tore through the shields, followed by the armor, the repairing was doing little impact against the onslaught, and then a flash. The Scorpion was destroyed, the pilot warping away as fast as possible while we shifted focus.

We got the 3 remaining quickly pointed down and began spreading damage among them, all shields were down at the same time, the Battleships aligning and frantically trying to warp. It paid off aswell, the 3 of them managed to get away, 2 of them pretty quickly while the 3rd got away in hull.

We might have won by numbers, but we don't play fair, we don't try and provide an even fight, we win where we can, however we can, and if we can't, we give them as little as possible. There are no "clean" tactics in any PVP in any game in my opinion. The winner won because they did something the other person didn't, everyone has the chance to do the same, just because we did it and they didn't doesn't make us bad at PVP, if anything it makes them idiots by not doing it themselves, if they care that much.

But the battle ended with the "gf" over comms, joking with the other side afterwards and there was smiles all round. The opponent knows we "blobbed" them, they know we didn't give them much of a chance, but they knew that we could do that and accepted the risk, and still kept their cool when we did. Hat's off to you in The Happy Spacemen, i'm thoroughly enjoying the scraps, fights and battles we're having, and the attitude has always been polite and good natured.

Next time though, the crusader's going down.

Fly Safe.
- Noir Avlaa.

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