Friday, 14 August 2009

First blog.

Well i'm new to the whole blog thing, but after reading quite a few i've decided to give it a go, why not. So this blog's going to be about my POV on the pirate's life, I may not be as "hardcore" or skilled as other pirates, but that's not the point is it?
So to start with i'll let you all know that i'm 2 months into my EVE career, I mainly fly cheap Punishers while training for better ship. I only get t2 when it's cheap and I play for fun.

I started off as every newbie would, doing the first string of missions, getting a few new ships, experimenting in high sec space with different loadouts before realising I had no idea how to fit ships properly and taking some time online looking around at how other people fit ships, why modules are fit on one ship and not another etc etc. And now I can fit a decent ship as far as I can tell.

So with that in mind, I checked out how to fit frigates, saw which build I liked the looks of, swapped out expensive t2 or t2 I hadn't got the skills for for t1 and took it out for a spin. To start with I liked the Inquisitor, I thought "Hey cool, missiles, I can keep a good range from anything and do some decent damage with these!"... Turns out I was a bit wrong, where I thought missiles would be a good route to go, I hadn't really checked out the Amarr ship bonuses, and soon found it was a dead end route for me and i'd wasted a couple of weeks going down it. But every set back teaches me something, so after fumbling around in an Inquisitor, I moved to the Punisher.

This, as it turns out, was a much better idea. At the moment i'm running it with 3 pulse lasers, a nos, AB and scram and some armor. I have about 3k effective HP with a SAR II and rarely run out of capacitor, and i've had a few kills in it so far.

I figured I couldn't really learn much solo, where the learning curve would be much steeper than if I was in a corp with people to ask how to fix my wrong-doings and get answers which would hopefully stop me blowing up spectacularly next time.

So far I don't think i've been doing too badly. I've got on the KM for more than i've lost, apparently i've destroyed more ISK than i've spent. I loot most of what I kill and sell it, and I still do some ratting from time to time. I've read the Piracy 101 guide and learned all I can and I try my best to follow it, now it's just down to experience, I even managed to get a Raven Battleship to half shield and tackled it long enough for a friend to turn up in a myrmidon and help me kill it, though it blew up at around 20% hull and denied us the KM :(

I've found I tend to be rather gung-ho with my punishers, throwing them into fights even though I know the chance of me surviving is small, but to me that makes it all the more fun, if I manage to bag the kill, it's against the odds, and against a more experienced pilot, or a pilot in a better ship.

I have to say piracy in EVE is probably the most fun i've got out of a game before, and i've played alot of games. It's a funny feeling when i'm locking someone down while they're ratting, or they're trying to align in time to warp away before I get my scram on them, knowing it's another person who might be panicking because all they've seen is someone locking them in low sec space, trying to force them to make a mistake, changing my attack according to what they do. EVE's PVP system is possibly the most simple and the most complex at the same time i've seen in a game, and I love it.

Anyways, if you read this, i'll be running around Domain and Kor-Azor low sec newbing it up and screaming my way through fights, maybe i'll give ransoming a try at some point, i've heard it's a good way to make profit if I can pull it

Fly Safe.
- Noir Avlaa

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