Saturday, 15 August 2009

We are at war gentlemen.

We've been wardecced by an ex-mercenary corporation, for fun apparently. Well most of us think this is great, though our corp isn't a PVP corp, we're quite a casual corp based in 0.4 space in Domain. We have quite a few pirates, including myself, but also a few miners and mission runners, so the war's not exactly the best thing for them. But it's happened, may as well use them.

We're on the second day of the war now, we've seen what they can do, they've seen what we can do and most of the fighting is in our home system where we've pulled everyone back to and helped them fit ships for encounters. Losses are pretty even so far, they got a few kills on the first encounter, we've had a few kills since then, including a lovely ishtar kill while we were all in frigates. It was keeping out of range for the most part and sniping, but it kept coming in closer every now and then, turned out to be a simple case of wait for it to start coming in close, then go like a bat out of hell into it's predicted path and scramble it, it lasted about 15 seconds once we had the scram on it and it looked glorious. Apparently the owner was quite pissed at this and hasn't got much in the way of funding left, you risked it and it didn't pay off, better luck next time.

Alot in the corp as i've said don't do PVP, and there is only a small number of pilots who have been doing it long enough to know what they're doing in fleet warfare, which leaves more of us who don't really know that much about it, myself included. We're trying to treat it as a learning curve, for example, I decided to fit out a harbinger to sit by the big guns and take out frigates that came too close and ECM drones if they used any. I figured it would be better to let the big guns do the long range damage, as they'd have better skills and ships for the task. I got a few drones but that was all, so i've refitted for range for the next major encounter, as for now we're only using frigates.

I should really start taking screenshots I think, i'll try and remember when i'm fighting to hit the button.

Time to jump on and roam a bit I think.

-Noir Avlaa

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