Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's a hard way to earn a living.

I've only logged on briefly today, maybe about 2 hours in total. Nothing much was happening when I first got on, a couple of conversations in the corp channels was about all. One of which though was about Apocrypha 1.5 patch coming on Thursday, and more specifically about the Faction Warfare bonuses coming with it.

A few of us seem very interested in it. When I say a few I mean me and 1 other guy so far, with maybe a few more that a possibly interested later on with a bit of a push. But because of the mechanics of it we can't stay in corp, so we've got the channels available to others to join which most members in the corp are part of anyway, so if we do decide to break away and do some Faction Warfare for a bit we'll just set standings positive and join a joint channel, basically still in corp with each other without still being in corp. Say a sub-corp for the Factioners among us.

Naturally i'm going to be aiming at Amarr, style before substance and all that, but to do anything I need to get my standings up with the Amarr Empire. I did a few missions when I first made the character but nothing much as I quickly went to piracy and started forging out a life there, found a nice casual PVP corp and hey presto, I was rolling through low sec in a decent Frigate.

The other guy in corp interested was about to jump away for some missioning, I requested to join, and 6 jumps later in an Omen and a Zealot we were blasting our way through a level 3. Except after any sort of PVP it was frankly boring. We mopped up pretty quickly, decided we didn't want to do another and so I headed straight back to my home system to check on how things were.

Another 6 jumps back I was on familiar turf, and hey, an Omen on scan in one of the belts. Time for some piracy. I debated whether to go in my own Omen, which I was already in, or risk switching to a Punisher. I stated the target in corp chat and promptly received warning from 2 of the pilots not to engage. Apparently our lovely war tactics are making The Happy Spacemen (GH3Y) use some new tactics, one such is logging into a neutral character, sitting it in a belt and baiting us.

Well I was still tempted, so I decided to use a Punisher, told the corp I was going for it anyways in a Frigate and tried to take a few bets on my survival, BATMorpheous put down 1mil on me surviving and killing the Omen, I had 1mil on the same, noone bet against us so that was some potential easy cash down the pan. Maybe next time. I undocked, aligned and warped. Damn. Wrong belt. Try the only other candidate it could have been. Bingo. I landed 1500m from the Omen, there was 2 drones 11km away which I thought was his, turns out they were just leftovers from someone else.

I quickly got the scram and started my orbit at 3km, turned on the afterburner, the NOS and my lasers and started chewing through the guy. On my way into orbit he starting unleashing missiles at me. What's that? missiles on an omen? There's only 1 slot, where's the lasers? But no lasers came. By now I definately thought it was a trap and at any moment I was gonna get pointed while war targets came into the system, but nothing. The guy's just new and exploring, lucky me. I got through his armour just as 2 war targets came into system.

Panick time, I wanted to finish this fight quickly before I got scanned down, i'd figured out this guy wasn't bait. Let's try a quick ransom. I opened up a convosation with him and got a lovely opened of "Jerk's like you are what ruins the game for other people"... What a great way to greet a guy who's just stopped killing you and has started a convosation. Either way, ransom. I instantly shot back "5mil or you lose your ship"... Apparently he only had 2mil, which I then ransomed off him even offering him a way out of the system. 20 seconds later I had 2mil more ISK and he was warping to a high sec stargate.

My first ransom, nothing massive but a ransom nonetheless. I'm down to -6.9 sec status, I don't really care too much about it so maybe i'll try this ransoming more often, i've managed to damage Harbingers before in my Punisher, Drakes seem to be alright depending on how much tank the target has(or doesn't as I prefer) and drones bother me but if the pilot's ship can't hit me, I kill the drones pretty quick while keeping the target pointed, so I might try this more often to see how much profit I can make out of, considering i'm quite new.

Next thing is to figure out how much to ransom ships. I'm thinking of classifying it. Say Frigates for 600k, Cruisers at around 2-3 mil, Tech 2 frigates at say 15 mil as the insurance on them is shoddy, same with all t2 ships, charging alot of ISK on them because of insurance values on the t2 ships being bad. I'm thinking maybe roughly 75% of the ship's base value on the market at the time. Maybe 60% if 75% proves to be too high, not sure yet. I'll be making estimates anyways instead of using a calculator, I can work estimates out pretty quickly mentally so that should be fine.

Any thoughts on it leave a comment, dunno how many read this blog atm but any input's welcome :)

Shoutout to Paradigm Council though, and BATMorpheous as he asked so nicely, check the bounty on him! :O

Fly Safe
-Noir Avlaa.

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