Saturday, 22 August 2009

Cool your jets hotshot!

Well we're now in an alliance, Sylph to be exact, and most people in the corp have relocated to Sylph space. The Alliance has ended the war with The Happy Spacemen and we're on our jolly way to nullsec wars.

I don't mind all this, but the 1 thing that is making me wonder is the NRDS(Not Red Don't Shoot) policy that Sylph has. It suits them fine and that's fair enough, but I entered to be a pirate. There's going to be plenty of reds to shoot, but again, i'm a pirate. I like being a pirate. My blog says i'm a pirate. And now i'm not allowed to pirate.

I'm wondering what my options are here. I could stay for a while, see what it's like, have some fun shooting reds, gain some sec status and lose a few more Punishers in the process. Or I could move to Jeni, start a 1 man corp and roam around pirating again with the normal peeps, mainly Havamar, and see how that works out.

I didn't really expect to have to make the decision at all, for now i'm gonna stick around in Sylph but at some point I wanna go round chewing up cruisers in a Punisher and ransoming newbies for all they've got, and i'm not allowed to do that now, which puts a big spanner in the works.

Maybe this whole NRDS will be fine with all the reds that pass through Sylph's systems... I just don't really know. Moving to Jeni to carry on roaming seems like the best option to me at the moment, but I like my corp and the people in it. Could always just get them to set me blue and then go for roaming anyways. Both options have alot of downsides and upsides so I guess i'll just see where the wind takes me.

In other news, i've lost another Punisher after dueling a 2 year old character in a cruiser, I didn't count on him having a neut fitted but ah well, it was a good fight even if I did only get to armour.

Fly Safe.
- Noir Avlaa.

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