Sunday, 23 August 2009

So long.

I've bit the bullet and resigned from my corp, and am moving my assets to Jeni to etch out a living pirating with my wingman Havamar for a while. I decided the NRDS policy of Sylph just wasn't for me and thus the best move is to leave my corp.

I've not got a bad word to say about Paradigm Council. They're a great corp with alot of variation in ages, skills, play styles etc and I couldn't have picked a better corp to learn EVE PVP with if I tried. I started with them wondering how I could possibly help, and where I can't really help much in fleet battles the roams I had every now and then were fun.
Testing my fittings out on BATMorpheous helped me alot, ajc supplying punishers to me when there were some in the hangar, good job I was pretty much the only one in corp using them. Lex Fasces sorting out fleets when we needed them, and the various others on hand helping me progress my skills.

Anyways, off to play Poker

Fly Safe.
-Noir Avlaa.

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