Monday, 17 August 2009

Another day on the job.

I've been off work for 3 weeks recently. I like to think of it as a "Mandatory Holiday" but basically I was fired for 2 weeks so my company could still technically claim I was contract staff and get benefits off the government. But i've had a holiday out of it and have managed to pour alot of time into EVE. So it's not a bad thing really :)

That said, I was back in work today on a new contract, thus i'm not going to be as active on EVE, still active enough to contribute but not as active as I have been, so that means less kills generally, but I can live with that.

Seeing as i've finally gone below the -5 security status (skipped -4 and -5 completely going from -3.5 to -6.6 in about 10 minutes) i've decided to make another account for a miner/hauler/trader character. The benefit of this is that i'll be able to use it to generate cash, to spend on pirating, which will lose cash on the whole for now. Sustainable pirating is what i'm after now, and now i've not got as much time to play EVE, it'll be alot easier. Which is a good thing. Enough about that though, mining bores the hell out of me even if it is necessary.

I finally learned how to fit a MWD earlier today, and not a moment too soon! 20 minutes after the MWD was attached to my Harbinger a war target appeared in system in a Drake. So I undocked ready to scan, and there it was, looking at me and a corp mate flying another Drake. Well let's not waste time, I hit the targetting, webbed him and started shooting away, only for him to dock up. Well that was pointless. Oh well, next time maybe.

Apparently he'd been undocking and docking for a while now, just getting my corp mate to get a couple of shots off before he docked again. Better sort this out, I know that's just annoying, i've done it myself for that reason. But i've read up, spoke to people, seen this sort of thing countered, and so I move into position about 10km above the undocking area and wait. Low and behold the war target undocks again. I slam Approach and activate the MWD, knowing I had well enough time to reach him before he could dock up. I turned on all my lasers, hit him at about 1000m/s and bounced him a good distance away from the station, and kept on bouncing him away.

Dirty tactics, maybe. Cheap tactics, probably. Winning Tactics, defiinately. The moment I hit him my corp mate was slamming missiles into him, I hit the web and my corp mate hit both a web and a scram. The war target was crawling back into docking range, not fast enough. Half way back to the station my corp mate hit him with his MWD activated aswell moving the target further away again. A minute later we had him at hull and that was that, the fight ended swiftly and we bagged an easy drake kill.

This war so far has been a very enjoyable war. They declared on us, are spending 50mil a week on it, and so far we're only giving them kills which don't really cost us too much. Every loss we sustain is relatively cheap, whereas every kill we get we see that it's costing them quite a bit. We're about even on kills as far as I can see, but on ISK lost they're far, far ahead. Not sure who's decision it was to only allow them to get cheap kills, but it's working so far and it's alot of fun for us. Soon the war must be over, even if they inflict a higher kill rate that us, we're killing more ISK than them, and that surely must count for something and make them wonder if they made the right decision wardeccing.

Who knows, they say they declared war for fun. If that's the case then they've succeeded with me and it means money's no object, which means it might go on for a good while longer. And that's fine in my books, not sure about others in the corporation who can't mine, and I can see that this must be quite bad for them, and as such I hope the war ends pretty soon so we can get on with business the way we normally do. But when the war's over I hope I see this corp about when i'm roaming, because they're good at what they do, most the time when they take a loss it's against superior numbers. I've said it in a previous post and i'll say it again now, I applaud this corp for their skill and manner in which they've been composing themselves. There's rarely a case of them turning up and screaming abuse over local, they're civil, decent, skillful pirates(though they deny that fact :P ) and they're making a me have alot of fun so far.

That's all for now though, bed is calling my name and i'm not one to ignore that.

Fly Safe
- Noir Avlaa.

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