Tuesday, 18 August 2009

DUST 514

Wow. I'm literally shell shocked. For those who haven't heard the news, check it out here.

CCP Games are making an MMOFPS for Consoles that will directly link to EVE Online as it is. The new game will be the wars that go on planetside that the main EVE game doesn't see. I've no idea how but i'm willing to hazard some guesses.

There's alot of ways interaction between the 2 games can be accomplished. With the Factional Warfare and Storyline progression at the moment there is alot of room to add on-planet fighting which would add to the story line.

The way i'd like to see it done is say Faction 1 is trying to gain control of System 1 with Planet 1 in it, and Faction 2 is obviously defending, alot of the fighting must be planetside, because they might Faction 1 might gain control of the skys, but no resources will be gained if Planet 1 is still controlled by Faction 2. This is where the new MMOFPS comes into play, the obvious solution would be the 4 factions in EVE transferred to the new game and the players on the ground will fight accross the planet for resources, once a certain point is reached a faction can claim victory and the planet will belong to the victors.

Now this means the Attackers will obviously need to pour more troops into the planet, where the defenders will have whoever's there now and any backup from other systems possible, which will be hard as a hostile fleet will be in the way. The amount of players per battle would depend on supply lines, there's already "Militants" cargo so the amount of attackers on the ground could just be the amount of militants brought in through faction missions in EVE.

I've literally only just seen this so alot of ideas are swimming around my head without being able to phrase them properly, but I cannot wait to see this implemented. I used to play PlanetSide and I loved it, this looks like it could be much better with ease.

Fly Safe
- Noir Avlaa

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