Saturday, 28 November 2009

10 losses closer and a new environment.

I've lost 10 ships now in my "50 losses" campaign. Honestly I thought I'd lose them faster, and the first 4 ships went down with only 1 kill. So in the next 6 ships I've got 23 kills, which I think isn't too shabby. So then, here's the highs and lows so far:-

The fail fit Abaddon. - Yes. That's right. Quad tank. Don't know how it didn't win. We found this sitting at 0 in a belt, and after taking out it's drones I just kept it pointed while backup arrived. We thought it might be bait. Turns out it was just fail.

The hide-and-seek Blackbird. - We must have spent the better part of 2 hours chasing this, and when we finally caught it, it jammed 1 of us and warped out from the other point with it's stab as a third was warping in. So a couple of hours later it turns up again with a small fleet. Well there was a couple more of us on at the time, and we just thought what the hell, let's get him this time. I only lost a cheap punisher on that one, and damn it was worth it :D

The newb Maller. - This guy was 16 days old when I found him ratting in a belt, so it took me all of 0.001 of a second to decide to go for it in my Rifter. I forgot that Maller's could be a pain to take down in a frigate. Nothing to do with the damage, he didn't hit me once. But it took 3 reloads and over 10 minutes to finally kill him, and I was even trying to ransom him at the same time, for less than the market value of his ship, but hey, maybe he likes spending more than he could. Shame I couldn't catch his pod as well.

The suicide Punisher. - I lost this ship during a roam with 3 others. We'd scanned a megathron down to a belt, and were debating whether to engage or not. We knew it was most likely going to be bait considering where we were, and we knew we'd most likely die. But no one was in anything particularly hard to replace, and we'd not found anything after a couple of hours roaming. So hey, why not see if we can take it down before his support takes us down? So 4 frigates aligned, warped and started unloading into him. We got him into armor when the support arrived, the first of us popped when we had him down to about 60%, another popped very quickly after. I think we managed to get it to about 30% armour before we were all popped, laughing all the way back to Aldali.
That was one of the most fun engagements I've ever had. We all knew it was suicide, we all knew that we could get podded, we knew that there was a very small chance of actually popping it, yet we didn't care and just went straight in. 100% pure fun, and we even got the "gf"s over local :D

The mistake. - This loss was the stupidest mistake I've ever done. I entered the system and saw a neutral Merlin sitting 10km from me. So I moved and sat on the gate. Me being flashy red and him not meant I had to try and get him to attack, so I targeted and set up an orbit without my afterburner on, don't want to give away too much do I? Well he warped away, then returned a minute later and decided to engage. It was a pretty even fight for the most part. He got through my shields quickly enough, but was having trouble with my armour, I had trouble with his shields, but his armour was starting to go quickly. Then a blue exited warp and started shooting me.
I was quite confused now, so I opened up a conversation with the pilot and asked what he was doing. Turns out he was with the Merlin, and that apparently I wasn't blue to him, turns out I hadn't been set blue to his alliance yet which I thought I had. But after a short conversation we all disengaged and apologised, and straight afterwards a myrmidon exited warp. Instead of aligning and warping I just brought up his pilot info. What I was thinking I don't know, I mean, I had no shield, my cap was low after the fight and my armour was only half repaired. So yeah, the myrmidon pretty quickly killed me. And I can't even say there was nothing I could do. There's always something I could have done, such as not just acted like a fish in a barrel. That's the worst mistake I've done so far, but hey, every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

The Tuskers.

I decided it was about time to join another corp again, and after searching around the forums, reading various blogs and asking a few people, I applied to join The Tuskers. The way they operate looks exactly like how I operate, and a look on their kill board shows a lot of them use Frigates, Cruisers and Battlecruisers. So there's no massive 0.0 capital fleets to worry about, no BS required roams to trouble my skill points with, and a lot of kills to be had.

Well I've been accepted, and given a proper welcome from Wensley of Rifter Drifter in a Dramiel, who promptly relieved me of my Rifter shortly after arriving in system to hand in my application. Was a good fight that don't think I could have won, I got him to 50% armour when I popped, and a Ferox finished him off shortly after, so I still got a final kill mail from Hartcraft's Revenge.

But that's got to be a pretty good welcome for a pirate corporation, kinda sets the mood for things to come :D I'm just waiting on my stasis period after leaving my own corp to end so I can officially be part of The Tuskers now, I think a lot of fun times are coming :D

That's all for now.

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.

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