Friday, 6 November 2009

50 fights

A few weeks I read one of the articles from Alexia Morgan over at Punishment. Second time i've linked that blog in 2 posts, but it's one of the blogs I read fully more than others, instead of just scan reading.

The jist of the article if you haven't read it, or clicked the link, is that people become to attached to their ships in EVE. Even though the ships are just a tool for achieving a set goal. That said, the post challenges anyone to have 50 fights. No less. And maybe die 50 times. But at the end of it, stop getting so attached to what is essentially a caveman's club. Some clubs are bigger, some are smaller and the wielder is more agile with it. Who knows, it's a club. A piece of log. Just because it's made from metal and flies through space doesn't change the fact that you try and get one better than someone else's to hit them harder.

Well i'm gonna take up that challenge, even if i'm taking it up a bit late, and i'm going to put it instead of having 50 fights, have 50 deaths. So make sure I die 50 times. Build 50 ships, go out, pick some targets, and try to win. But if I lose, the hell with it, dock up and grab a new ship.

So here's the rules i'm going for:-
  1. Once a fight has begun, you either win or die. Pick or don't pick targets, but don't ever disengage.
  2. Getting podded doesn't count as a loss.
  3. All kills must be accounted for, and for this i'm adding a new side bar with each loss, value, kills/ransoms attributed to the ship and date on it.
Only 3 rules, all are easy to stick to. I'm going to try and mix the ships I use up a bit. So far i've lost 5 ships, 3 rifters and 2 punishers. I'm training for Cruiser and Battlecruiser skills so soon i'll start adding those losses when i'm ready to start using them, as i'm not going to use a ship i'm not properly trained for just for the sake of adding a loss.

Let's see if anyone else starts this up aswell, hopefully it's going to be bags of fun.

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.

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  1. you honour me. :)

    good luck on the fights! You'll be well-experienced in no time!