Sunday, 15 November 2009

Move out!

I've finally come to the conclusion that the system(Aldali) and surrounding low-sec area of space I pirate in isn't good anymore. When I first located myself there it was great, but now it's got 2 alliances that are constantly in fleet, and others who I pirate with sometimes who live in system with me, and less traffic than travels through the area than used to.

I've had a quick look through the Ombeve 2D maps and have found a nice little system not too far away, right next to a trade hub with every facility, and as such I intend to use that system as my new home. It's also a nice bottleneck system from high-sec to low-sec.

Scouting out the area now to see how easy it's gonna be to move my stuff there and if it's worth it, but so far it looks promising, hoping that the local pirates aren't already in the system in abundance...

In other news i'm up to 7 deaths on my 50 losses, with 10 kills attributed. I've got most of my kills in the last few ships that have been lost, so i'm going to try work my way up to at least a 2:1 kill:death ratio.

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.

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