Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pick the pen up again.

I've had a bit of writer's block lately, so instead of forcing myself to write something, i've just left it until I had something to say that I could put down.

Alexia Morgan over at Punishment is asking what people do out of EVE. Easy enough, got a form and everything, so why not. I've already spoken somewhat about myself but i'll put the whole hog on here, no reason why not:

Your character name:
Noir Avlaa

Your real name:
Lawrence "Lol" Pickford.

The country you're living in:
England - Liverpool to be exact.

How old are you:
20, birthday is 16th May.

What kind of work do you do:
I'm a professional games tester for Sony. That doesn't mean I know anything and my opinion accounts for nothing. All I do is test the game, therefore any opinion about the game after i'm allowed to talk about it is still null and void, as my perception of the game will be skewed. So don't ask me :P

What other hobbies or interests do you have:
Left 4 Dead aswell as EVE really. I go round to a mate's house every Wednesday or Tuesday and play card/board games like Magic, EVE Conquests, Game of Thrones. Though Magic seems to be winning if I go on how much we play it. Which is alot.

I go drinking on the weekends a bit with whoever's about. And if there's not many of us it's usually me going and meeting a new group of people to hang out with for the night... it's more fun when nothing's planned I find :) Anyone in Liverpool drop me a line and let's get drunk :D

And if you're wondering why I have "Lol" in the middle of my name, it's a nickname i've had since I was about 2, not because of "Laugh out loud" :P

Do you have a personal blog or non-Eve website you want to share:
Nope, this is it folks.


Everyone else's turn now :).
Well time for some EVE talk, and lately i've had quite a lot of bad luck. I've lost 2 rifters, my tank punisher and have been podded, in 2 days of roaming. This is my worst streak so far, and even if they are cheap ships, it's annoying. Luckily I only use +2s and have 3 jump clones with implants in waiting. And it did provide me with an excuse to jump 45 jumps away to move my clone to a more favourable location.

I've had 1 kill though, but it was only another Punisher. So now i've bought another Rifter 45 jumps away from home in low-sec, and am moving through the sea of space to get back, hopefully without another loss, but we'll see shall we? Hopefully my luck will turn, i'm almost out of cash and could do with a nice ransom or 2 soon, or i'll have to put a proper amount of time into my mining character, and that's just boring to me.

Fly Safe.

- Noir Avlaa.


  1. Glad to see you picking up the pen again and getting behind the wheel. Good luck improving your fortunes through piracy and not having to resort to mining!

  2. Hehe hopefully, 2 of the losses (and the pod) were down to just idiot mistakes on my behalf... but hey, life is a learning curve ! Think it's about time to learn Assault Frigates or Cruisers for roams though, probably start that soon :)

    - Noir Avlaa.

  3. I love magic.... haven't played for some years though sold my deck.....
    How about doing some scamming quick money if you can get it going:)

    Comrade bliss